There are many ways you can get involved in your community to help prevent negative outcomes for children in Lake County!

1. PARENTING CLASSES - Nurturing Families parenting classes are regularly scheduled around the Lake and include dinner and activities for children! We are also always looking for new facilitators to be trained so that we can offer even more classes. Click Here to learn more, or call Ana Santana at 707-289-4110.

2. COACHING or MENTORING - There are many sports teams, 4-H, scouting programs, youth groups and more that require volunteers to be able to provide healthy, safe activities for children.

3. LAKE COUNTY CHILDREN'S COUNCIL - The Children's Council meets four times each year to discuss and plan outreach activities in the community to help reduce the incidence of child abuse and neglect in Lake County.  More information about the Children's Council can be found by Clicking Here, or call Ana Santana at 707-289-4110.  The next meetings will be held in Lakeport at Lake County Office of Education's Kesey Room on March 4, and May 6 at 1:00 p.m.

4. STEWARDS OF CHILDREN CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE PREVENTION CLASSES - First 5 Lake County, Lake County Tribal Health, Lake County Office of Education, Lake Family Resource Center, and Redwood Community Services have partnered to bring this evidence-based training for adults to Lake County.  Trainings will be regularly scheduled throughout the county in 2020. Call First 5 Lake for more information: 707-263-6169.

5. PLAYGROUPS and SOCIAL GROUPS - There are many groups around the Lake for parents with young children to gather and learn and/or increase their social connections.  Call First 5 Lake at 707-263-6169 if you know of another group that you would like to add to the list!

6. LEARN MORE ABOUT COMMUNITY RESOURCES - The more you know, the bigger resource you become in your neighborhood and social circles!  There are many websites that provide information about community resources: Smart Start Lake County - resources for families with children ages 0-to-5.

7. EARLY HEAD START and HEAD START - These evidence-based center and home-based  services for young children and their families provide a wide variety of services to help children get the best possible start in life.  Learn more about Early Head Start for children 0-3 at Lake Family Resource Center by Clicking Here. Learn more about Head Start services for children 3-5 provided by North Coast Opportunities by Clicking Here.


9. FAITH-BASED PROGRAMS FOR CHILDREN - Churches frequently have youth groups and weekly or summer programs for young children. Call the churches in your neighborhood to see what they offer or how you can volunteer. Click Here to find a list of churches by city.

10. ORGANIZE A NEIGHBORHOOD GATHERING - It is easier than you might think to throw together a casual event to bring neighbors together to get to know each other and to give children something healthy and fun to do.  

  • EASTER EGG HUNT - Put a flyer on the door or mailbox of each house on your street letting them know you are organizing a community Easter egg hunt. Those who want to participate can simply decorate their mailbox on the day of the event and children can meet at a designated spot on the block at a designated time to walk together house-to-house and search for eggs hidden in the front yards of the marked houses! Extra Credit - set up a table outside your house with hot chocolate and mini-marshmallows so families can stop by after the hunt, warm-up and get to know each other.
  • HALLOWEEN - Kick it up a notch by creating a space in front of your house for people to gather while children are collecting candy. You can do this by: setting up the BBQ in front of your house on Halloween and grilling hot dogs for parents as children go door to door trick-or-treating, setting up a basketball hoop and have kids try taking a shot with different sized balls before they get their candy, collect children's books all year from yard sales or thrift stores and set them up by age level on a table and let children choose a book along with their piece of candy, have a corn hole game set up for kids and parents to try out before they get their candy.
  • KICK BALL - If you have a cul de sac in your neighborhood, invite your neighbors to a weekly kick ball game there. All you need are four bases (Use what you have to mark the bases), a soft kick ball, and some orange safety cones to set out at the entrance to the cul de sac. People of all ages can play kickball, including very young children.  Those who don't play can set up camping chairs along the sides and cheer.

11. BECOME A FOSTER PARENT OR FOSTER NEIGHBOR - Are you interested in caring for a child who requires a temporary out-of-home placement, or supporting an existing foster family by providing them with one meal a month? Below is a list of Foster (Resource) Family Agencies and the Foster Neighbor link.

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